Options Profit$ Calculator

Your Complex 
Option Strategies 
with Ease! TM

Now, there is an easy and affordable way to manage Complex Option Strategies with our Options Profit$ Calculator.

This Program was designed by our Senior Software I.T. Engineer, who was the person everyone would go for market trends, top picks, and even global macro economic conditions! He has been utilizing it to supplement his senior I.T. Software salary!

We had to take a closer look", after he would be heard boasting "Another day 

where a $500 investment turned into 

$1500", or on 7/2013, "....a $900 options investment turned into 

$8,200 gain...."!

Although it was designed by someone 
who used to write software code for some of our most advanced military systems, it is actually a very easy program to learn & use.

The "Options Profits Calculator" program offers a way to track, through a 
graphical interface representation, potential profit/loss and net gain/loss,
based upon placing multiple complex option trading strategies. Anyone 
who knows how to use Microsoft Excel ® can use this program. Excel ® 
is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp., and the end user must own
their own licensed copy.

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Profits Calculator program features, and the Special Promotions tab 

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The "Options Profits Calculator" program is not intended to be used as an options trading tool.

It is for information purposes only, and for practicing using fictitious (not real) trades. 

This program is also not intended to help you pick out profitable trades.

Choosing profitable trades is a task you must do on your own!